Quickbooks setup for real estate business


I have Quickbooks 2006 and I need to set it up for my foreclosure/short sale business. I have set it up as a service since I don’t offer products. Does anyone have a template to start that relates to buying/selling/leasing houses for Quickbooks? Thanks…

My gut reaction is that you are putting the cart before the horse. Who gives a darn about accounting?!? And I’m an accountant! Find the deals, close the deals, collect on the deals, and THEN worry about the accounting.

I have been in business for almost 2 years and already have deals. Up to now I have been using Excel for my book keeping. It is time for a change. Thanks for your oh so warm non-assuming reply :wink:

Doesn’t it give you an option?

What quickbooks version do you have?

I’ve used the demo one that will give you an option as a Professional and then you can choose broker/Realtor. That has a lot of accounts you can use. but just the basic services is fine.

  1. Please keep your language civil and un-profane…

  2. Huh? The very best time to establish good recored-keeping/accounting practices is reight from the start!

IMO this is not good advice at all…


Thank you Keith. I have Quickbooks 2006. It is set up as realtor/broker. I will just use that. Thanks for your reply.

John Hyre seems to have a good set of templates fr rei.