QUICK...what do i ask??

I have posted a “we buy houses” ad in my local paper…and i am just starting to get calls back…but, i’m not sure if i’m asking the right questions to get the answers that i need?..what do i need to ask??


What are you asking now?

A better question would be "WHY are you asking now?

Did it not dawn on you that if you post an ad in hte paper, someone would call and you should already have an idea what you are looking for and what to ask?


You need to know why they are wanting to sell and how badly they want to sell. Ask them about their home. Ask them why they are selling. Find out what their motivation is. Once you know their motivation, ask them what they owe on it. Keep in mind, most of them will be wrong and tell you less than the truth.

Using the information you gather from the caller, and most importantly their level of motivation, make a decision on whether you want to futher investigate the ability to purchase. Make an appointment to see the house. Take contracts with you so you can do the deal if you think it is good. Look at the numbers, not the house! If the numbers show you a good deal, then go for it.

Now that was funny Keith!

Appraised value?
when was the last appraisal?
and the price they need?

For starters

Remember make a friend get a deal People do not do business with people they do not like!

Tell me that NOW. I didn’t read that in “No Money Down”! Boy am I screwed

Now that is funny! That is one of the main goals right? Have you ever bought something from someone you dont like? and if so did you ever buy from that person again?

As we fly off on a tangent…

To answer you honestly. Yes and yes. Having been in the customer service industry for most of my life now I can honestly tell you that “Customer Service” is about as dead as the original concept of chivalry. (Yes yes, we know…its not dead…)

When you look at most modern business models you will find most corporations are cross training thier personel so they can get 1 person to do 3 jobs and lower their bottom line a bit more. Case in point…K-mart, Home Depot, Sears…

While you will hear people often complain about poor service, 9 out of 10 times they will go where the better deal is. If it weren’t the sorry truth, you wouldnt be looking at a “Walmart coming soon” on the corner.

Great point that is why here at R.E.O. Consultants we put customer service as number 1. We always under promise and over deliver! That is one reason we do so much referal business!


Yeah Baloo why do you think that I outsource everything I can’t do it myself!