Quick Quickbooks Question...

Hello all,

I have a question regarding Quickbooks. I purchased a new computer and keep seem to successfully load QuickBooks program on to my new computer. The QB version is 2004 Pro so it’s probably time for an updated version anyway.

My question is: I’ve noticed that QB Simple is VERY cheap (even free as part of certain promotions), but QB Pro is considerably more expensive. I maintain three different accounts/“companies” w/i QB, but don’t generate any bills/reports for vendors or tenants, etc. Am I better off just buying the QB Simple or is the QB Pro worth it?

Thanks for any thoughts.

I hate to put it this way…but read the box. IIRC the differences between the QB versions is printed on the box. I personally use QB Pro so have no experience with QB Simple.

If you don’t use the features of the advanced versions (payroll, inventory, orders, budgets, predictions) you are probably OK with QB Simple. I believe you can get a copy of QB, any version, for free, to use for a limited time (30 days ???) . Get QB Simple for free, try it out, and if you need more advanced features, pay for the QB Pro version.

If I didn’t already have 5 years of QB data I think I’d look into GNUCash. It is a full featured accounting program and it is completely and legally FREE.


I tried to go the QB Simple route for free. We could enter information for one property in the simple version, but it doesn’t have the ability to separate multiple properties by class like QB Pro does. We upgraded to be able to track income/expenses separately by property (good for tax organization). If you have multiple companies and accounts, you should probably upgrade too.

I don’t know if the coupon still works or not, but here is information I posted before about buying QB Pro 2009 cheaper than on the Intuit website:

For those of you interested in purchasing Quickbooks Pro 2009, I found it online today for $79.95. It normally retails for $179.95 on the Intuit website.
Here’s the link:

Here’s the link for the $20 coupon:

The coupon code is:

You can get free shipping on the order too. It’s $99.95 on Amazon and then you enter the coupon code.
Hope someone benefits from this!