Quick Question Regarding Foreclosure(s)

Hello All-

First real question I’ve posted to this board since joining, so I hope I’m not asking a question that’s been asked many times before. If it has, then I apologize upfront for the repitition.

Question: I’ve located a propery here in my town that is heading for ‘auction’ at the county court house next month. After reviewing the ‘trustee’s’ web site, I see that the auction date has been postponed. Therefore, knowing this little tid-bit of information, would I, or anyone for that matter, still have the opportunity to approach the current homeowner(s) and see about obtaining the property? Or is it too late for that and my only option at purchasing the property to just simply attend the auction?

Thanks for any information any one would be able to provide, as I’m still a nOOB to the world of REI and don’t want to get to far over my head.


aka: Rogue_Investor

At least in the state of Nevada, any time before the sale you can directly approach the owners of the property. If you can strike a deal with them and close before the auction you have it made. Check with your state laws to confirm this.

Thanks for the info Vegas Agent…!

I’ll see what I can find out about this as it relates to California law and hopefully work this deal to completion!