Quick Question on getting started


I am interested in the forclosure market. I live in the LA area. Are the local investing clubs worth the membership fee?

There are quite a few in LA what should I look for to find a good one.
I am concerned that they are mostly a way for the moderator to sell their agenda and or their courses/books/tapes etc.


I am not in your area but the main club around me is decent. However, like many clubs, the value depends on what you make of it. If you made one valuable contact with another club member, that could be worth its weight in gold. Also, clubs in my area typically allow a free visit, or pay-as-you-go until you decide to join on an annual basis. Finally, my club has a guest speaker each month, and the speaker is usually a “guru” hockin’ their wares. However, sitting through their free schpiel is still a decent learning experience (either picking up one extra idea or tidbit of info, or getting motivated to do something).

I’d say go for it. If you want to be serious, you are probably going to have to try for yourself to make your own educated decision.

If they are associated with a nationally recognized group, they are usually reputable. I’ve found a few in Pennsylvania here by searching the groups with NationalREIA.