Quick question on Bird Dogging

I have never bird dogged, I am new at the investing arena altogether, so here is my question. If your a bird dog, do you do it for one investor? Say, I locate a property that I feel has potential for investment purposes, do I send a contract to all buyers I do business with? Do I work for one investor if I’m on my own? Is it first come first serve?

Here’s an example: Say I find four different properties in a certain area that seem like good deals, Let’s say I have a buyers network of 10 people that are hardcore investors, would I send all of them an email with a contract to sign, to make sure I get my money if one of them buys the property if the deal goes through? Would I go to one investor at a time?
Let’s Assume these 10 different investors are all looking for the same types of properties I just gave as an example. Thanks for any advice in advance.

In general, you’ll keep your investors happier if you only send your leads to one of them at a time. To make sure the lead gets to the right investor, you can send a group email with the basic info - no address - and let the investors reply to you if they’re interested in the lead you have to offer (and are willing to pay your fee).

I always send out a blast email to all my contacts. First come first serve, baby. Then, after I get a bite and somebody signs the dotted line, I continue to take verbal back up offers in case the first guy flakes out. I make sure to tell all the backups that is what they are–back ups. But, I am not bird dogging. I am wholesaling, so I have the thing on contract before I send out my email.

Yes, if you move to wholesaling, definitely send the info to everyone on your list!