quick money financing

i have up to 50k i can lend on potential deals…which would be the best way to structure my lending in today’s market…and market effective to experienced investors?

Hello 50 K is not a big amount in this day & age . However are you looking to make this in one big buy in or smaller Have you looked at the possible of a JV deal with a investor ? I would think this would be the way to go to secure your funds and to make them grow a bit faster If you would like you cam pm me we could talk more then on this. As far as contracts needed and the way to work it all out . I would like to be of help to you on this matter

I advise you NOT to use 50k for lending and or hard money…Its simply not enough and in the event the deal gets hung up u are stuck for time being…Im sorry I don’t mean to deter you from your business plan…

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ya think? :rolleyes

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I would use the money to partner with an experienced real estate investor to buy foreclosures on the courthouse steps for a quick resell. You would be on the title and have control of the process, so as to protect your investment. I have done this process dozens of times and resold within 3 months - cherry picking the right properties is vital as well.