Quick Deed prior to foreclosure

I’m interested in a piece of property (to live in). The house has been empty since last Oct. The property is still in the homeowners’ name. The house has 3 liens on the property - I do not know how much. I talked to the 3 interested parties and no one I spoke to has any idea of the status - it has not gone to the sheriff for the foreclosure process as of today (I called to find out). I do know that the property (within the last 2 weeks) has had the grass cut and the property has been entered and a lock box placed on the property. But none of the 3 interested parties knows anything about that either. The only thing we were told is that the house will! go through the foreclosure process.

  1. What would be the best way to obtain control of the property could a quick deed work and if so what are the concerns are there?
  2. How can I find out how much is owed on the property for each of the lien holders?
  3. Even though we are told the house will go through foreclosures - If I can get an authorization to release info form signed - in most cases would the lien holders entertain a short sale offer?


Howdt Tew:

Just a bit confused. Are the 3 lien holders and interested parties the same.

The county foreclosing for taxes will not cut the grass or put lock boxes on the property. Some lenders will board and secure a property to protect from vandalism but usually will not do maintenance like grass cutting. How about the owner and an agent ?

A deed from the owner will not stop the foreclosure.

You can get a copy of the financing docs at the courthouse but they will only tell you the original loan amount and not the balance due. Contacting the lenders is the only way and you will need signed authorization from the owner. A deed will not even give you permission.

They may entertain a short sale or an outright sale of the note at a discount. You may just work with the first lien holder and if you get it then foreclose on the property.