quick claim deeds

What do the QCD have to do with foreclosures?

it’s called a “Quit Claim Deed”

and from what I understand, they have very little to do with foreclosures…

ok I see

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All this deed will do is release what claim and rights the person in foreclosure had to the property

So if if all you want is the right to pay the mortgage and the back payments up as well then use it and have a rich uncle in the wings :beer

This is commonly a trick people think will some how hinder the process or at times people are tricked themselves to think about signing it over. Either way it is not the move to make as it does not make them less responsible for the debt in fact the only thing that changes is the owner of the physical house. The rest is still on their heads. Also the home may be subject to a “due on sale” clause that means that if the home changes owners then the debt could become immediately due. Could be nasty best case is to get a counseling company if you are not sure what to do.


Some people will take the prop subject2 via a QCD because they think it will help get around seasoning issues and it will give them control of the property. There are better, cleaner avenues to controlling the property and getting past seasoning then QCD’ing it over.