Questions to ask when wholesailing

Hello, I’m new to wholesailing and I would like to know what are some great questions to ask the seller when it comes to their property?

My first question is;
1 Can you tell me about the house?, then I shut up.
2 Why do you want to sell?
3 How much do you owe?
4 Does the house need repairs?

Once you have the callers name, address and Phone number tell them you will get back to them the next day once you have looked at the comparables and the neighborhood etc.

Your house sounds very nice, I am interested, let me get back to you tomorrow with a cash offer…

I try to be upbeat and friendly, let the seller tell his story. Don’t talk too much, just ask a few questions.
I like to watch Than Merrill’s videos on negotiations on youtube, also many other great videos about overcoming objections, listening skills etc.
It’s a learning process, and you will get better at it.

I like Rando’s questions…

If I like the answers I schedule an immediate appointment to present my offer. I check the comps on my way to the appointment.

Thank you both for replying! I appreciate that so much!

These are all very good, but I also add in how quickly they need to close. You can tell motivation by their response. If they say quickly, I normally find they’re greedy for the money. If they say take your time I have alot of negotiation there. That’s from my experience.