Questions to ask on interviewing a property manager?

As always I appreciate the advice given here…I was curious what some of the questions established mulit property owners who use property management would ask upon deciding on who to use…???..Also what should I look out for in the contract between them and I?..All advice is very much appreciated…

There is some info on this site:

The most important question to ask should be directed to the guy in the mirror. “How will using a property manager and paid maintenance affect my cash flow on this property?” “Do I really want to buy a property that I can not manage myself?” “Do I have enough money to cover the loss if the manager skips town with the rent one month?” Etc.

You do talk to yourself, don’t you?


As for the questions you posted…The properties I’m in contract to buy are within a short drive to my house (under a few hours)…Also using your formulas and others I have found here everything is factored in and my cashflow so far is looking very good…I have taken out for all things you have said in the past…As for the issue of having to go at it on my own ,maybe I’m being slightly naive but I have formed a decent working/friendly relationship with my property management team and they like you people here have become my mentors…They are teaching me the ropes of the area,the contacts,the way to figure out how to correct certain issues…I have to honestly say they have opened their books to me and have taken me under their wing…It’s much more than just a standard property manager/landlord relationship…I look forward to buying even more in the future and these are people I really can relate to…If it came down to me managing the units myself,I’m sure I would be able to but nearly as efficiently as my contacts can…They are very smart and very hard workers…For the first time in since beginning my RE research I’m truly confident about investing and of the management team in place…I’m sure there will be bumps along the way but thats life and investing…I bother the heck out of them and they always help me to understand everything before I do anything…I can go on and on the help they have given me,truth is I’m confident to finally start building my cashflow positive portfolio and without doubt and fear…Mike more than anyone I will privately keep you abreast of all my scenarios because more than anyone here you have helped me and I will not forget that…You alays answered my questions and I respect your advice…Thanks again…


It sounds like you’ve considered all the factors. That was the point of my post and I think that you are on the right track.

Good Luck,