Questions on Sec 8 in Austin

I am looking to buy & hold property in the Austin area. What are the max rents I can charge for a 1bd/1bath, 2bd/1bath, and 2/2bath single family houses under SEC 8?

Also, I would like to target elderly singles & couples with Sec 8 subsidies. What areas of Austin would be best to look for property that would best fit that criteria?


I can certainly help with you’re wanting. I’m been doing a lot of that lately. Email me.

Just something overall to watch for. In a bad market landlords usually will rent three bedrooms for two bedroom rates. I saw some newer duplexes at 12th and Airport a few weeks ago with big signs in front. Watch the paper and look at the book of available property in the Sec 8 office to help you learn the market.

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