Questions on Contracts ( lease Option)

Does any one now where I can find contract for lease Option:
1.Option to Purchase with Option (buying)
3.Notice of option
4.residential lease
5.exercise of option
6.extence of option
7.Purchase and sale Agreemet
8.Assignment Option

Any web site that you guys would recomend for me to use ?- their is a course that I found but they ask $400 they give all the info and they have a DVD to show you how to fill the paper work!..

Thank you ! :biggrin

You can get everything that you need at Michael only charges $97 for his manual which includes all of the contracts that you need.


I will send you most of what you requested for Free!


Thank you GR for your Help.


Would you mind sending me those contracts as well?

There is information on the internet.