questions froma newbie

hey guys im pretty new to the wholesaling forum, i’ve been reading alot of the posts and they are very informative. i’d like to say thanks for the info. i went to my first rei clubmeeting here in san diego this past wednesay it was called san diego creative investors association. i noticed almost everyone had business cards. im looking into wholesaling i’ve done alot of research and pretty much have an idea of the whole process its just a matter of finding properties. here where the questions come. like i said im a newbie so some of these questions seem kind of sensless. where do you find fsbo, i was looking in the paper and didnt see any is their any specific key words to look for and where do i get the contracts from? what is the acutal nameof the contract i would be looking for is it called a sales contract, wholesale contract or what? also at what point do you think it would be a good idea to get business cards now even though i havent done a deal or when i do a deal first. and lastly when knocking on doors to people who have their homes up for sale but thru a realtor, what exactly do you say even though they are already working with someone!!!

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Wow you are GREEN. These would have been some good questions at your first meeting too. Hard to learn it all in one day. I will try to help.

I see FSBO signs in yards every day and ads in the paper and there are even FSBO websites and FSBO magazines. It is not polite to knock on doors that the agents have listed. One reason why the seller hired the agent to schedule showings etc.

Contracts are called different names. We call them 1 to 4 family residential Contract (resale). They are also sales earnest Money contracts or just sale contracts. Best to use ones that are required for Realtors. You can get them at title companies, Realtors and even on line at your states real estate commission.

Get cards right away. The costs is cheap. Why wait for something so simple?