Questions from a newbie


I am brand new to birddog/wholesaling and have decided to go with postcards. I am unsure how to set them up/ what to say on them. I don’t want it to be too jumbled. I can print on the front and the back. Does anybody have any suggestions on this? Also do contracts have to be on legal sized paper? Thank you for your help.

Unless you are covering a wide georgraphic area, I would do door hangers instead. Mailings are expensive and direct mail has less than a 2% respsone rate. People who are in trouble financially get tons of mail from bill collectors and RE investors hoping for a deal. They just toss the mail. A door hanger ad is more likely to get seen. My 2 cents.

Contracts don’t have to be on legal size paper. Lawyers just use it because some contracts are very long.

Door hangers are also nice because homeowners typically open there mail by the trash so if it looks like junk it goes to the trash immediately, with a door hanger you at least have the area between the trash and the door for the homeowner to view the material.

I have done ALOT of wholesale and flip deals and have never sent a single piece of mail, so there are other ways besides mail and doorhangers .

If you do decide to do a doorhanger you can hire kids to deliver them and also look into venturing with a local establishment to split the printing and delivery costs in exchange for a space on your door hanger.

thank you for great information.