Questions for References

Any suggestions for specific questions to ask potential renters, personal references, and work references?

I keep things very simple. I call the place of employment listed (after I verify the phone number online to make sure I’m actually calling a business and not their friend posing as their boss), ask for the person listed, and tell them who I am & that their employee is applying to lease a property from my company. Then I ask what their income is and their prospect for future employment.
I don’t call personal references because you’d have to be an idiot to put down someone for a reference who wouldn’t speak highly of you. If you have the resident list their former landlords on your rental application, you can call the landlords. Remember if they are currently renting from someone, that landlord may not tell you of some problems just so they can get rid of them.
My rental application is thorough enough that between the application and what I can find at the website for the local court system, I generally don’t need to ask the applicant many questions.

Thanks Justin
I appreciate you sharing your info with others like myself.