Questions for realtors

I did a search and could not find anything on this subject. I will flip REO’s and want to know what questions I should ask realtors when I am trying to get them to give me MLS access and have them on my team so I can get REO’s? Does anyone have a script? Thanks ahead.

My wife’s a realtor and they won’t give you access to the mls because they get fined,plus only one person at a time can be on it.All they can do is send you emails direct from mls that meet your specs.For example you can pick an area,price;keywords like short sale,foreclosure, motivated,moving,etc and it will send you those as soon as they’re listed.It’s a good source,but very competitive.I hope this helps.

Thanx, and it does,somewhat.

ur better off finding someone that you already have a relationship with to give you MLS access rather than just cold calling realtors. like sellnbama said, they can lose their MLS access if their caught giving out their passwords and such…

Jake, thanks, but I don’t have one that I have a relationship with, YET.

It should be easy to find one in this market they’re actually looking for investors.

Thanx SellNBama.