Questions about what to ask buyers for buyer's list


I am new to REI and investing in real estate and would like to start wholesaling.

I’ve done a lot of reading and reading boards like these and the one thing I know I need to do right now is build my buyer’s list.

HOWEVER, I am wondering, do I make the questions you ask the buyer specific to what they do? Like, when you talk to landlords, do you ask them the same questions you ask a contractor who wants to buy homes as you ask the “We Buy Homes” ads that I find?

I guess I don’t want to seem stupid or naive when interviewing these buyer’s about what they want ::), even though I’ll be telling them that I’m new (and I wonder if offering first look at a property in exchange for “mentoring” would be ok) at this.

Im VERY eager to get started (and am trying very hard not to get stuck in analysis paralysis, lol) and am open to all suggestions!

P.S. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area and will be joining the local real estate clubs here in the area as well.


I personally wouldn’t dangle my needie newbieness. I would tell them I am getting started and that I am looking for deals.

I would then ask if they do rentals or rehabs. What kind of numbers do they look for? What part of town? What kind of repairs are they willing to do? Price range? How fast can they close? Do they want me to call/email them if I find a deal that fits those parameters?

Ryan Webber

Really? Why not be upfront about it? Or is it a non-issue?

I would be upfront - I would tell them I am getting started and that I am looking for deals.

If you try the mentoring approach, are you going to ask the same of the second buyer you interview? What about the third, fourth, and fifth?

What if they don’t want to mentor you? Do you still want to know what they want?

What if they don’t know what in the world they are talking about? Do you want them to mentor you?

If you are serious about investing then maybe take some time meeting other investors and building your buyers list and then pick an investor or two to approach with your suggestion.