Questions about Sheriff sales

I am only going as a observer. Has anyone actually bought a foreclosure at a sheriffs or trustee sale? I am going to the one our county will have in on Tuesday 6th of Sept. I realize you have to do your due diligence but what if there are several properties your interested in, how do you find out about any liens before you bid?

Also, does the bidding start at what is owed on the note and any other fees that have accrued or any number, say a dollar? Any insight would be very helpful. I want to go just to get a feel for what goes on at these auctions and also to make contacts, perhaps find a mentor and even pay him or a her a consulting fee for showing me the ropes.

Thanks for any info,
Sunny ;D

Did you ever get an answer to this question?

I have been to a few Sheriff sales (tax deed) in Texas (Bexar County)… there are two ways to search for liens…one is to go to the Lien/Mortgage book in the county court house downstairs records room and look it up or you can use their computer system which will give you pretty much the same info… I would suggest you check the book even if you use the computer system…the data on the computer is subject to human error…