Questions about Selling a Sub2 Property under Land Trust

Is it difficult to find a title company (or Realtor) when selling a sub2 property under a Land Trust? Any suggestions?

I am not sure why you think there may be problems. What are your particular concerns?

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Ted P. Stokely Jr
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I have been told that some Title companys do not understand the Land Trust.

It can be difficult to find a attorney or title company to close these deals if they don’t understand the trust and how it works.

That is why you need to be putting the pieces of your team together ahead of time.

Check out your local re club. I bet there are investors there using trusts and they are closing with someone. That is who you need to be talking to.

Realtors just sell houses…

Some Title companies have issues with Trusts… Because of a lack of understanding… Just tell them to call their chicago branch…

If the trust is created right… then it’s usually a mute point…

David Alexander