Questions about purchase contracts.

Im posting again because nobody responded at all to my last post and im still just wondering what the deal is about purchase contracts. I’m just wondering if i can write up my own purchase contracts or if i have to use the purchse contracts that are made availible through the TREC.? I would much rather write my own, but definatly donw want to if it’s illegal or non binding. Please HELP.

If you go online, you can find a Standard Purchase & Sales Agreement. Plug in that word on Google and see what comes up.

You can write your own, but it’s much better to get one you like to start with. It will help you cover a lot of stuff you might not think about. All good wholesaling courses come with contracts you can use.

The problem with the guru provided contracts is that you need to have a lawyer review them for you to make sure they are good in your state. I know this because I teach for one of those gurus. If you use your TREC, then you know it is legal in TX.

I agree with Brandon.