questions about properties being sold at auction

Questions for young or inexperienced real-estate investors may have I know I do.
Some of you older or more expericance investor may know some of these answers! It would really help us if you could give use some detailed advice, thanks.

These questions are related to buying foreclosed properties at the city auctions in San Antonio


  1. Double checking the properties addresses? When I get the list of the properties I use the website This website gives me the properties addresses. How do I double check to make sure this is truly the real address? I really want to make sure the property that I’m looking at is really the one that is going to be sold at auction.

  2. What type of info do you find to be the most useful using the city websites like the CAD (Bexar cad, or Webb cad ect….)?

  3. What is the most accurate way of estimating the properties value? I know I can get the property appraised and that will be the most accurate, but I don’t really want to spend money on 50 properties. I have been using Zillow as a generic way to give me an estimate on a properties value. I know Zillow is probably 10% off from the actual market value of houses because they lack a lot of knowledge regarding the properties. But what do the pros (you) use?

These next questions go into more detail and are inter-related

  1. I’ve read a few books on foreclosures and a lot of them talk about a REFEREE or a mediator that works for the city that you can contact and he or she will talk to you about the properties that are going into auction. Some of these books even state that you can set up appointments to go see some of the properties. I’m located in San Antonio and I can’t find these contacts. From what I’ve seen this is an urban legend. I know some of these properties are sight un-see, but if there is a referee this would help me out tremendously.

  2. How do I find what types of liens are on the properties? How do I find out how many liens are on the properties that are going to be auctioned off. This is one of my most important questions. I know I can do title searches on the properties, but as an investor I can’t shell out 150$ dollars on every property that I’m looking at. I know I can use a database that San Antonio has, but how do a go about learning how to use that database? I really want to know what type of lien is on the property because if it is a second mortgage, most of the time I would scratch that property out. I want to find properties that the first mortgage is being foreclosed on, so I can make sure all of the other liens are being whipped a way.

  3. I’ve heard that if the property being sold at the auction is foreclosing its first mortgage, all the other mortgages and liens are whipped out. Is this true?

  4. Once I find what mortgages are foreclosing on the property, how do I find out what is owned on the mortgages? Does this even matter?
    I’ve heard different things on this subject. One side says that it doesn’t matter because the amount the property is be auctioned off it the only important info.; and the other side says if you can find this out, you can wipe some of them off just because there is no profit to be made if they own too much. I’m not sure what to think.

  5. What do you think about a last owner search? What type of info does it provide and how much does one normally cost?

  6. Can someone give some details on how to use their local county clerk’s public records website? I’m trying to find more info on the properties that are going to be sold at the auctions for free.

  7. What type of information do you use that is helpful when buying properties at auctions?

If anyone has any questions or want to add something, please be my guest. I graduate soon and so I am trying to learn as much as I can. Thank You!

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These are some great questions, some of which would apply to other states than Texas. Any answers out there?

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