Questions about Personal Information

When mailing out postcards/letters for Real Estate is it better to just go with all your specific ‘Personal’ information? (i.e. Name, Home Address, Telephone #)
OR ???
Form an LLC for example for a ‘Business Name’ (Replacing Sur Name) get a P.O. Box instead of Home address, and get a Message Service or Private Telephone number?

Concern is with Family Safety…

Any comments or recommendations would be truly appreciated
Thanks in Advance

There are millions of nuts out there. When you’re dealing with people under stress, your running a risk. Obviously, people who are losing their homes are under tremendous stress. I work for an LLC. I am not the owner. I don’t use my home address or home phone number when dealing with the public (especially tenants). I have an unlisted home phone number. I have a concealed carry permit and carry a handgun at all times when dealing with tenants and tenant applicants. Paranoid? No, I have been threatened by several drug dealers, drug addicts, and other people that we have evicted. Some are now homeless and some are receiving extended free accommodations courtesy of the state. Violence is the norm with low income tenants (although usually among themselves).


Thank You for the reply PM.

I’ve also been wanting a CCP for some time now (Wife has had one for years).

Thanks again

you don’t have to have a company to get a po box.