Questions about marketing to 36/60/90 day leads

When marketing to these leads what is the best method? Currently I’ve been marketing to Notice of Sale leads that I find at the court house, these leads have about 30 days until the auction sale. I’ve been getting about a call per day form these leads. (I’ve been marketing for several weeks now)

I would like to market to 30/60/90 day leads but I’m not sure how. I live in a quicksale state, should I spend more time marketing to the 60 day leads ? 75% of the people who get a NOD after 30 days pays their loan and catches up so it almost seems like a waste of money marketing to those guys, but a large majority of 60 Don’t pay to catch up so you see similar number in the 90 day.

anyway, I’m trying to find the most efficient way to market to these leads without spinning my wheels.