Questions about getting a grant?

Hi I have heard it may be possible for me and my wife to get a grant to own a home and maybe a piece of land as well. My wife is disabled and mentally challenged and I am her husband and full time caretaker. She requires someone to be with her most of the time which I am so we mostly live on her monthly disability check which is not much, but we survive. She would be thrilled if it is possible for us to own our own home which is not possible without some kind of grant, all things considered. If anyone has any advice on this that is if what I have heard is possible then please let me know. thanks stephen dickens

Call the state office where she receives diability and ask if they have a down payment assitance program. This is different state by state and does have very specific guidelines, but this would be a good start.

Second call a realtor with one of the larger companies in town. They are generally plugged into renewal programs where the town/city trys to improve an area by offering down payment grants. Please check the area to make sure you are comfortable ther, but these comes are generally immaculant and modern.

There are several lenders that allow grant money to be used as down payment for all credit types.

The thirs option would be to speak with an individual experienced with handling FHA loans - often they would be able to get you into a home for very little down - couple hundred dollars

Good Luck