Questions about Chicago Property

Hi, I’m new to this forum, and thank GOD, I found it through another portal. I’m a new investor, just closed on a brick home in a up and coming area in Chicago. I’ve got several questions on what options do I have? Let me explain. The property values in the area are from 200k & up. I purchased it for $350K with a mortgage payment of $2600 a month. But, since the market has been acting funny, I’m not sure if I can get it rented for my initial asking price? So I’m checking my options on what to do next.
Can someone with more experience offer me a suggestion about what to do. From my understanding, it is a buyers market out here now, and I know for sure that the values of my property are going up. Condo’s in the area are starting at $250k a pop and I would like to sub-lease it for a $70k down payment with the option to purchase in 2years, and all equity built up would be theirs. Is this right, or does this make sense, please somebody help?


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70K down on a lease option?? In a buyers market? Anyone with 70K can afford a nice place that isn’t a lease!

Was that a type-o or maybe I read that wrong.