i usually average 2 to 3 really good deals every week where the owners are very receptive to the subject to method to buy their home, but i am needing to wholesale them as soon as i get under the subto agreement as i have no funds to make the house payment. so i can’t get them under contract without a investor waiting.

my question, i can not seem to find a single investor that is serious about buying properties.

i have gotten a minimum of 15 emails from investors who say they are ready to buy, have their money and anxious. however, when i communicate regarding the properties and i need to wholesale quickly (these properties are usually approximately 68% to 70% after repairs) i never get a response and i have included my phone number by email just to get a dialog going as they sound serious, no phone calls.

i also go to the rei meetings and advertise for investors.

i do not understand what (if anything) i am not doing correctly. i read about how easy it is to get your investor list put together, heck…i would be happy just to find one that was serious.

these are really good deals, i just can’t find any serious investors that are ready to go. i am in tulsa county.

does anyone else have this problem? if so, how did you correct it? really would like your advise.
thank you

Tina, Have a Lease Option buyer in waiting and sell to them instead. BTW 2-3 good deals a week, I’m moving to Tulsa. Herbster

Oklahoma is a great place to invest. The economy is strong in the state and the markets are really good.

And yes I live in OK :cool


These deals must not be as good as you think they are if you have people checking them out and not doing anything. Be sure you put together a good prospectus on each of the properties with provable figures. If you are doing a lot of guestimating your guesses might not be accurate enough.

Having lease option buyers ready might be the answer to your problem. My blog has a Lease Option report that might be helpful. The link is below in the signature.

Good luck,

If these are good deals, why not market to retail buyers? Seller finance on a land contract with a two or three year balloon, 10% downpayment. Charge an interest rate that is one or two points higher than the mortgage interest rate you are taking over Subject To, and set your sale price $10K to $15K higher than the current market price today.

For example, on a property you sell for $100K, you get $10K down immediately, between $100 and $200 monthly on the interest rate spread over the next two or three years, and another $10K or $15K when the buyer refinances the property to payoff your seller financing.

If you have retail buyers waiting in line for these “$10K down and $800 per month moves you in” properties you could do several of these a year with almost none of your own money in the deal

So how would you structure a deal like this?