How does a bird dog get in? And how do they find investors that are willing to work with bird dogs. :biggrin

Post an ad on craigslist.

there are a couple of people I could direct you to. Go to and register. Look up Barry Grimes on google and his program can help too. Let me know if this helps. Good luck

Find out more about Birddoging by going here:,31214.0.html

:biggrin I want to Thank-You for the help. But over all is bird dogs bad or good.


Bird dogs are like the bottom of the barrel for me. The ones I use cant cut it as a wholesaler and I never understand why. If you can find a deal as a bird dog, you can close a deal like a wholesaler. Finding deals is the hard part, if you can find a deal you can find a cash investor to buy it from you .

I’m not sure I would agree with “bottom of the barrel”. It totally depends on what your individual goals are…birddogs have zero risk which many want more than anything else…


I agree with REI Newbies.

Birddogs have zero risk, they don’t have to do any paperwork, and they don’t have to follow up with the seller on anything, except to see if they’re property sold yet.

It’s perfect for people that don’t have much time to get too involved in REI, but they still want to make some Cash!