When you have your realtor license, do you get alot of mail offering jobs to work for real estate companys? I would imagine you do since you work 100% on commision?? Any1 have there license that can help me out? :beer

My wife has her license and when she completed the course she got a handful of letters from agencies wanting her to work with them. She took the approach that SHE was interviewing THEM before she decided which agency was going to hold her license.

When you fill out the application to take the exam there is a check box where you can indicate whether or not you would like your results made “public” to the local Board of Realtors. If you check “yes” you will be notified by many.


I’m a realtor and I regularly get mailings from the larger brokerages in my area, looking for agents.

You are right, you will probably be receiving job offers from various firms. Nowadays, it seems like real estate agents are like financial advisors; higher turnover means constant job offers.