Has anyone heard of a family member paying off the mortgage of a people who needs to get out from under the mortgage? ???

How do you mean “paying off”? Making payments or purchasing the home?

Put another way, can a person take over payments or compeletly pay off a lmortgage loan that a family member can no longer afford?
After paid off, what can the person do to get the house in their name?

Lender does not care who pays as long as they recieve payments. A quit claim deed will work to transfer the property.

Thank you very much! That means I wouldn’t have to pay closing costs like a regular buy and sell?

correct. the only thing that you would pay for is the quit claim deed and title work, if needed.

If there is a mortgage on the property you cannot transfer ownership without the lender approval.

I believe what they are saying is that someone else will take over the payments for them and after it is payed off they would change it over ???

Sounds that way…just wanted to make sure it was not a strawman type setup.

What I have is an aunt who is developmentally slow. She has a condo with a mortgage payment that is the exact amount as her monthly alimoney. She has a part time minimum wage job and no health benafits. She of course has no idea about house keeping skills and the place is in dire need of repairs to get it up to standards to sell if one goes that route.
For an example, She let the water run in the bath tub and fell asleep, and it flooded a basement apartment below her. Now repairs must come out of her pocket for the repairs place below her, on top of repairs to her place. She has no other family able to attend to her needs but myself. I had considered paying off the balance of her mortgage, making the repairs, and letting her stay in the condo but watch on her weekly. Or just fix it up and sell it and let her rent a bottom floor apt. Or she could live in a housing type of enviroment with others to watch out for each other and rent out her place and she would have rental income to help her along. What to do?

As far as lenders are concerned with this situation:

If you want to assume ownership but allow your aunt to continue living there then legally you must complete a purchase of the property.

However, if you have the utilities in your name for a period of 12 months, or you have been on title for 12 months (via a quit claim form) then you legally hold ownership in the home and can refinance as the legal owner. Unless you need to refinance immediately this seems like a good option for you, or you can try to refinance in your aunts name and add yourself to the loan as a co-signer and follow the same 12 month guideline.

Hope this helps.

It does help. I just want to help her, to give her a better life. So much has to be done to her place to get it up to snuff. She can’t afford that so If I assume, then I could spring for those. Again, thanks.