hey guys,

i’m almost pre-approved for financing and want to start looking with a realtor. what are some key point that i need to get from the realtor? thanks in advance.


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Just a little heads up, being pre-approved by a mortgage broker is like getting a pre-approved credit card limit of $100K in the mail. In both cases you will find sometimes that there are still some hoops you will have to go through to quailfy for a loan.

If you are purchasing conventionally, what you are looking for is a property you want at the price you want to pay for it. Do not hesitate to have your agent make an offer, if you find a property you would like to call home.

I am thinking because you want to use a Realtor and are applying for a loan, that you are looking for a home to live in. Either way the best in your finding what you are looking for.

John $Cash$ Locke

Howdy Rashidi:

There is an ad on TV where the Realtor keeps showing a couple Ranch Style homes one right across the street from each other and the Realtor is ignoring what his clients are saying. Try to have in mind what you are looking for and also not looking for. Is it investment property or to live in? Try to narrow down what areas you are looking at. Do not buy in Georgetown if you work in Oak Hill is just one example of how to narrow your search. Your question is a bit vague and so is my answer. I hope it helps some however. Be glad to help some more if I can

Good luck and thank you,
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hey guys,

thanks for the replies. to be a little more specific, i’m looking for an investment property to rent out. townhomes and condos don’t go up in value much. so i need to get it much cheaper than its value right? the question i’m trying to ask is when i’m with a realtor what should i be asking? better yet, what do realtors really know about a good deal? ???

As a real estate agent I can tell you that a agent is much more beneficial to a seller than they are to a buyer. As a Investor though, an agent can give you probaby a more comprehensive list of properties for sell, the history of those properties, and the history of comparable properties. This information is useful in order to find the right purchase price for your investment.