Is it true u can find cash buyers through realtors, hard money lenders and title companies? If true, how should I approach them for information! Help?

It’s true they have this info… here’s a thought… No one will ever give you anything for free… Even if you’re that special…

what do you have that could be of help to a real estate agent? Maybe that’s a trade off…

Don;t take the easy way out… buyers, hard money lenders and tittle companies are not that hard to find… they are everywhere!

I have a Title company that runs all my property profiles with tax records and photo copies of the deeds and the owners names and mailing addresses etc. This is extremely helpful on all the vacant houses my bird dogs are finding.
At first they didn’t want to help me and asking if I was an agent. I told them I was an investor and I have used ur company to close on several properties and I will be closing many more in the future. I still kept getting the runaround, sometimes I wud have to send my addresses to them a few times and ask politely.
Now they run them fast, I can send them 20 addresses and have them back in a few hours.
When I do get a great deal on contract and advertise on Craig’s list is when I accumulate a good list of cash buyers.

This is true as they meet with most of the companies and other person daily that’s why they have links with that person.But they charge some money to connect you with the third party and may be they ask for a commission if any deal will be done.

Truth of the matter is my friend nothing is for FREE!

You will have to build rapport amongst these professionals who you are mentioning and then once a solid relationship is established then you can ask them for certain things that can be of some use and helpful to your business.

The best way to establish business with a Realtor is tell them you want to use their services to put in offers. This way they will run comps for you when needed and they will let you know what areas are the high potential areas for cash purchases.

To establish credibility and a relationship with the Title Company. I highly suggest you set up an appointment and go meet with them to discuss doing future business with them and this way you can get a clear idea on how they operate. Once you have closed a few deals with them, they should be more helpful in assisting you in getting more deals done. Remember this it’s all a numbers game, so you may have to talk to a few different title companies and realtors until you come across one that will fit your investing model.

Hope this helps! :smile

You can find them through realtors, but I think it’s best to find them on your own or to just get your real estate license like I did. There soooo much more that I can do now that I’m licensed.