Question Short Sale Gurus

I have no choice but to make an offer. You like how I put that right? too. Anyhow, this house was foreclosed by the bank. The house does not have the main AC unit oustide or inside. The ducts are there. I will do more inspection tomorrow, but my dad told me everything in this house is excellent except for the neighbors dog in the backyard (pitbull). I will need to place a privacy fence and fix the AC to sell the house, if I get it.

ARV-comps ran by me and Agent------------$90,000-95,000
Selling price------------------------------------- $73,000.00

My question: Have any of you used factors like these when negotiating a price;AC units have to be replaced, more than 120days on market, privacy fence is needed per pitbull next door is not good. Do you think they will be willing to lower the price to say 54,000.00?

If the ducks are there… you may need inspect it and proove that these needs to be replaced as well… let’s say they may have microbs or mold in them :slight_smile:

Also insulation may have to be redone due to duck work and AC unit installation.

Take a picture of DOG and send it with your offer… ;D

few thoughts… it really depends on the bank and what they are loosing everyday… if the bank was owed only 20k at the time of foreclosure… they may not buze much and still hold their position to make few bucks… it all depends on a lot of factors…

Have a professional contractor estimate your rehab work… include all detailed report and big sum.

Good luck.