Question regarding Company names

I’m a newbie in the REI business and I have a question. I have a partner and we are looking to eventually start a company and have it incorporated…LLC. My question is, is it illegal to use the word ‘REAL ESTATE’ in our company name, since we aren’t actual agents??? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ???

Howdy Clem:

A good old West name for sure there Clem. You can use real estate or realty or almost and word. The term Realtor or Realtors can not be used unless you are a Realtor. What are some of your name possibilities. I like Old West stuff and cows and old farm stuff. You should see my office. Full of old tools and horse and Western items.

Thanks tedjr!! Actually, ‘CLEM’ is short for my last name which is CLEMONS!! And my wife LOVES Western movies also! :slight_smile:


Usually the only restrictions on company names are:

they cannot conflict with existing companies within the state
they cannot be misleading
they cannot use “reserved” words like “Certified Public Accountant” unless true.

If I understand you right Mark you can use a name that someone else has in another state as long as it is not in your own?

As long as there are no conflicts in your home state, I don’t think any state can prevent you from using a name just because it’s already in use in another state.

Possible exceptions: A registered or trademarked name (Coca Cola) or
An entity domiciled in another state that is registered as a foreign entity in your home state.

Different states have different rules. Some states are more stringent than others.

There should not be a problem with using the term real estate in any state. words you cant use are financial, insuance, and Bank in most states…