Question Re: Finding buyers!

Hi Everyone;
Does anybody have any advice as far as what the best techniques are for lining up buyers to do double closings. I have been reading alot about double closings and it sounds like a great place to start. My problem is that I am from Del Rio TX which is about 2 1/2 hours away from any major cities. We are about 5 miles miles from the border of Mexico. There are several properties in this town but I don’t really think there are alot of investors. Although we are pretty isolated from any major cities, we are a military town housing Laughlin AFB and we also have one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country. I have lived here in Del Rio for approx. 6 years and have seen alot of changes. Del Rio is growing quickly! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Those who advertise houses for rent should get emails from you explaining the area and average rents, etc. Ask them what they look for in a deal and that you think you can find them some incredible deals out your way.

Go to your local REIA meeting if there is one, if not go to the one in San Antonio. Long drive but just go once to one of their meetings to introduce yourself and tell them about your area. Most REIA clubs let you go a couple of times free of charge.

Go to your local foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps and you will meet investors (flippers, landlords, etc) that are actively buying property. Also, ask what they want and look for that exactly so when you find it you will be confident that you will quickly move it.

If you have multifamily property in your area you have landlords. Go to your local town hall and ask if they have lists for purchase of multifamily property.

Buy eviction lists from the courthouse as they are frustrated landlords.

First of all, thanks for the great ideas. I am actually already a member of the SAREI club in San Antonio, I have just not been able to make it to a meeting yet. I felt really stupid when I read the part about going to the auctions on the courthouse steps…that really was a no brainer. LMAO I have heard that buying on the courthouse steps is not really the best route for a newbie so I kind of just totally wrote them off. Never actually thought they could serve a whole other purpose! Thanks again!