question on REOs


Am starting to do research on finding REO properties. Is the best way to simply get a realtor involved to search for which properties are owned by banks, and then have them make the offers, or is there other ways to get information on REOs that are on the market?



You can either go with a realtor, or contact the bank REO department directly (if they don’t list with a realtor).

You can view properties here

Just click on a bank’s name and see what is in their inventory.

A good realtor will give you a head’s up as soon as an REO hits the MLS. They usually don’t last too long, depending on the market - so speed is of the essence.

Thanks Lori, Have you used I came across this site and it looked like it could be useful.


It’s not worth the money. Do a search on the forums, the consensus is not good.

Yea, I was just reading a search on it and came back to erase my question.