question on online comps

What is the diffrence between free comp sites like yahoo home values and zillow compaired to realquest and other sites that charge a monthly fee? I have an app on my phone called real estate droid that I can enter any address and I get the value along with a link to zillow with the home discription and 4 diffrent comps. My question is, do the pay sites provide more accurate information or is it all the same. Thanks

Forget on-line comps. No bank is going to buy it. The problem we have nationally is nobody knows what things are worth. I follow property in IL, TX and S.W. FL. The on-line comps never work because its changing so fast. I check what a near by property closed for within the last 2-3 months thats it, see if it matches the Zillow, never does.

In my neck of the woods in Northern Virginia, Zillow’s estimates are overstated a lot. However, they have good comps for recently sold properties. If you just look at properties within 1/4 mile of the subject property that sold in the last 3 months, you’ll have some good info. Along with that, you should check sold data from you local tax assessor’s office.


What about realquest comps? Are they close to the actual sale prices from the mls or are they just like zillow comps?