Question on investing in Virginia

I have to do a 1031 soon and want to buy in Fairfax, VA where my son attends college.

I recently put 2 properties on the market in Arizona. I already located five 1031 properties in Texas and need one more property.
Can anyone tell me what the market is like in Fairfax?

I’m a newbie to this website with no flipping/birddogging/investing experience so I’m in no way qualified as others to respond. I don’t know what a 1031 property is!! But I can tell you that Fairfax (and Fairfax County) is very similar to Montgomery County, MD - across the Potomac and another suburb of Washington DC, where I grew up and still work. It is very, very expensive but has pockets of low to moderate housing and a growing immigrant population. I believe you could also probably find quite decent properities from people that are mortgaged up to their eyeballs and/or have spiraling credit card debt who just need to get out and would take a discount to do so.

I don’t know if I can post this here - so I’ll apologize in advance and please someone let me know where I can do this if not here - but I know of someone who is very familiar with that area and lives either there or the next county over who is an agent and could probably help you. Email me directly if you’d like the information.