question on help ??

:cool i have a problem here and may be someone can help on it ?? I have been in the real estate bussines for over 12 years now !! AND i see a lot of people asking how can i do this //or what should i do to get or fix my problem ?? AND most times when you give them a answer and ask they do a few steps to help there self out of the problem you get no more responses back by email or phone //or if you do you get no thank you i can or will not do? IT would look like they want some one to come in and hand them a magic fix or a pot of money and they do nothing !! THIS i have found over the years is not a do nothing deal you have to make things happen and you have to be proactive and reactive !!!

WHERE do these folks come from who want answers and do not want to do any thing to get them but just fix for me and i will do nothing to help ???

JUST a small rant as well a question

Real Estate,

I totally understand what you are saying I get investors who call me all the time asking for advice and help solving a problem. After I answer their questions or offer them advice I tell them “call me anytime you need help or advice”. Whether I get their business or not it helps keep me sharp and up to date on what is happening in the mortgage and real estate investment world. Also, I hope that in some karmic way it will come back to me in a referral or just someone saying a kind word about me. You know the old saying about “what goes around comes around.” It is similar to me moderating on this web-site. I know that Tim makes money off the site and none of it trickles down to me but I consider it a privilige to be able to help others and offer advice. Plus I get a thrill every now and then when I get to zap some spammer trying top sell viagra or porn. :bobble

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though it might make you mad when it happens you are a better person for doing it. And you never know when one of these people you are advising will have a deal they can’t do and it will fall right in your lap.

:cool thank you chris for your post // yes i have and do just go on !!
AS iknow i have given and offered sound help and it is not my trouble but it is a trouble to me as i do not like to hear or see people get into this bussines and fail !! AND most of the time if they would understand and just listen to the ones who have and do it every day they would make it as well !!

THERE are a lot of very good people and advice on this site every day !! AND they are doers and not looking for some get riches from the sky thing but hard and real facts !!! BUT there are others who think this is where you find some get rich //or fast easy cash no work for it

THIS is wrong and iam sorry for the ones who do not see this takes work and you need to put your time in and as i said on a post work your craft this is something my father told me a long time ago !!

I wellcome any ones thoughts and comments as well form those whom have tryed to help only to find the seakers were not really to do what it took to make it happen

THANK you to all my doers out there doing deals and making this bussiness work !!! :beer

:cool just anote on my last post they are not my doers but just the doers out doing this bussines

real estate,

I believe that places like this are where the actual doers are finding the best information. It is the people on the infomercials who are doing the most disservice out there. People actually believe that you can get rich in real estate without having to do any work. I saw one infomercial not to long ago where they were interviewing a 12 year old who’s parents had helped him out a bit and he had made like 40K on a deal. What do you think that tells all the couch potatos out there? “if a 12 year can do it so can I”. There is an ex-coworker of mine who came in our office the other day looking for help on who would finance wholesale deals. After I spoke with her for awhile it turns out that her and her dad spent 9K on a class where they teach you how to wholesale. I was speechless. I said “you could have learned all that and more for free on the web.” Her response was “we did not know where to look.” and “we think it was worth every penny.” All they got was some generic forms and a short class. Talk about doing a disservice to the real estate community. Now they feel like they are ready to go out into the world and start making millions. No mentoring, no guidance, just a few forms and a short class. Sad.

:cool thanks again and you have a good day was out and offline read your reply and we all true real estate people need hang in there and hope that we can set some of the mislead ones to the right light !!!

Question for Chris. Are you a hard money lender? If so, do you lend to people in Mississippi?


I am not a hard money lender. Have you checked the HML link under the Investor Resources page?