Question on cost estimates.

When you guys started out, how did you determine an accurate repair cost figure to get a purchase price? I have been debating on purchasing the “Home Repair and Remodel Cost Guide” has anyone used this? Was it helpful? Any advice or comments would be helpful. :wink:

It costs between $25-$40 per square foot to build a new house depending on where you live and so forth. But i would guess to remodel a home, it would be about 5-15 per square foot. Thats just a rough guestimate.

I remodeled my rental house, and i mean gutted the whole kitchen, bath, new carpet, paint, electrical fixtures, cabinets, new appliances and all for about $5500 on a 900 sq.ft house. So it cost me about $6 per sq. ft to do mine.

Did you do a lot of the work yourself or did you use contractors?


i did all the work myself except for the plumbing. I did run out of time before i had to leave for the winter so i had to hire out some misc. little things, but all in all, i only had about $700 in labor costs, and thats including the carpet laying.