question on closing

I have my buyer sign the assignment of contract. I collect my money. Now, what do I tell the buyer? Am I responsible for getting the buyer and seller together. Do I give the buyer the sellers contact info or vice versa and go on my way? Do I have any more responsibilities?

You really should guide the everyone through the whole process so it doesn’t fall apart because if it does the seller will be blaming you.

I like to introduce to two and introduce the buyer as an associate of mine - someone who I work with.

Once you assign the contract you have assigned all obligations, dates, and contingenies of that contract to the buyer. They are now responsible to fulfill all of the obligations of the contract, and you are essentially out of the loop.

I would however do as brandon said, and bring the buyer and seller together for at least one meeting just so they know what is going on. They will need to have good communication to get the deal closed anyway.