Question on building a buyers list

Hey all,
I was reviewing some tips and tricks videos from a contributor to this site on how to build or find buyers in my area. the tip was to call my title company and get a list of properties sold with in the last 12 months which were non owner occupied closings. Obviously the information should net me a list of investors who have been active in my area who then I could call, mail or email with potential deals for them.

Well I’ve called three title companies where I live and they talk as if I’m crazy when I ask this. Was this an empty tip? or am I asking the wrong thing? Has anyone tried this technique?


I’ve heard that tip before. It works in some markets and with some title companies. But not all. Why not contact a realtor and ask them to pull a cash transaction list for the past 6 months? They can do that in MLS. Or, if you have FreedomSoft, you can pull it yourself.

Here’s a tip that works like gold. Put out fifty bandit signs that say:

cash buyers only
3/2 block 1250 sq ft
ARV $120k your price $40k ← or whatever is appropriate for your mkt

Oh, and a quick note to everyone who reads this… save your comments about how bandit signs are illegal, and how you’d never do anything like that, blah, blah, blah…

Those responses are so tired…

Not all areas have full service title companies, especially in ‘black out’ states/counties. I know you can’t get any help from a title company in Birmingham, AL, because it’s a ‘black out’ state.

In these cases, you can either hire an abstracter, or use something like County Records Retrieval Service to get this information. You could also try They seem to have information even from black out areas.

Maestro is right. I was gonna say to contact a realtor with the same question. If 1 or a few title companies think you’re crazy, contact more of them! Most will not know what the hell you’re talking about, will try to talk you out of it, say it isn’t possible, etc. The fact is that it is possible in any market to wholesale deals. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Persistence is key so keep calling more title companies and realtors until you find one that can give you what you want.

Thanks for all the great ideas guys! Much appreciated.

This is really great idea of finding buyer and investors in your local area. It will provide you a list of most possible buyer with easily for your property and also at less cost as compared to another techniques of finding buyers. Thanks for sharing.


Where are you located?