Question of no down - It is possible but..

For me the toughest part is finding the deals! What worked last year, isn’t doing jack this year =) Having to change my way of finding deals to keep up with the changes in the market here… that’s the hardest part. I Have private lender or 2 now, preaproved for HML had done a few deals… but having trouble finding that next one. If your in Houston… feel free to shoot me an email, I’m always looking for other eyes out there finding me deals.

Hope this helps,


Wait until you’re 18 contracts with minors are invalid.

Howdy Swirlaze:

Do not wait. If you can find good deals then birdog them to someone or buy them yourself. A contract with a minor is voidable but so what. Get you dad or sister etc to write the contract in their name if they are over 18. No big deal.

As far as zero down the deals are out there. I do not know about chapter 13 but it can be no worse than chapter 13 bankruptcy. I lot of folks are afraid to even try to do a deal because they may fail and go broke and lose all their money and be homeless and not be loved or admired. Bullcrap with all the excuses. The couches are full of folk that say I can not do it or wait until things change or until I have good credit or if I could just win the lottery i would get started. I have usesd all the excuses myself and sat around being depressed and finally decided what to hell do I have to lose. I already have no money and no job and no credit. All I could lose is time which I had plenty of because I had no job. I started over this time for the third time and am doing great. Fear is the big stumbling block for inaction. Some famous guy said we aint got notin to fear but fear itself. Fear nothing but inaction. Being broke to me is just another chance to start over again and do it better this time. It costs a bit more to do deals with bad credit is the only reason to have good credit but I am doing deals with none of my own money and in BK for the 3rd time. I have learned from my mistakesand off to the chases again.

Good answer Ted! I say go for it, the sooner you get started, the more time you will have to learn, and the more money you will make. Man I wish I could have been wise enough to start when I was 17-18!

Instead I am 25 and will be branching into real estate this winter when I can take off of work.