Question NJ real estate investor

Can anyone give me some sound advise.

  1. New real estate investor wanting to invest in NJ
  2. 10-15k in liquid cash
  3. Fico score about 520-575
  4. verifyable income of over $100k annually.
  5. No current asset to secure.
    Can I get advise on a HML or private lender that will loan me on the rehab projects once I find them.
    Thanks for your time.

not many hard money lenders are set up to finance investors with low credit and no assets.

Several suggestions:

find a private lender in your local area

find a partner

wholesale properties

use your profits to clear up your credit and set up reserves.

Depending on where you live in NJ, there are some great REI clubs around here.

Hiā€¦Can you suggest some private lenders that would be acceptable to my situation as outlined? Great annual income that is verifyable but no assets.
Thanks for your help!