Question: Foreclosing on Mohave Co AZ Tax Lien HELP ??

I own several tax liens in Mohave county on blank 1 acre lots. The 3 year time limit has passed to foreclose. I noticed on Mohave countys website, they say you cannot foreclose yourself on Corporation owned land, and the land is in an LLC name. Why is that? The land is not worth that much, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this, and what they did? I am not sure hiring an attorney would be financially beneficial, as these blank parcels are hardly worth any money.
Thank you for any help,

There are certain rules in place business entities must follow. For instance, an entity in Illinois renting residential housing must hire an attorney for evictions. The manager of the entity is not allowed to represent themselves. This sounds similar to your situation.

Yes - you should first find a lawyer that will represent for you in that kind of situation.