question for RE Agent's

here’s the dilema, i wan’t to put in an offer to buy a home…contingent on the selling of another home i have, which is under contract, with the p/s agreement to be signed in 2 weeks ( after inspection) …pretty much all my money is tied up right now on 3 investments, so…to make a long story short…if i put in an offer to purchase this new home…if accepted , im sure they will expect a deposit put in escrow on the signing of the p and s…problem is i don’t have the money to put up until i sell this home…what’s the best way to put this in an offer ? …thanks for the help…


I’m not a real estate agent but I would submit an offer (either purchase offer, or option offer) contingent upon the sale of your home. Attach a $20 bill and a personal note to your offer as earnest money deposit, promising to replace the note in escrow with cash upon the closing on the house you are selling.

Da Wiz