Question for Lenders

Hi and thank you ahead of time for any answers you folks can give me for the following question:

I have a new home that is under construction and I want to refinance the home so that I can pay off the lender who gave me the funds to begin the project. Now I am about 1 month and half away from finishing the home but would like to get all the paperwork etc for the refinance done, and the appraisal done so that the day I finish the home that I can pay off the lender and any trades that I still have left to pay. My question is can I get this home appraised now by having the appraisal take a look at the blueprints and by contacting a lender to refinance the house.

Or can someone tell me how this can be done if at all.


It’s unlikely you will be able to obtain new financing until the project is complete.

Once the construction is complete. Complete is defined as, carpet down, painted, outlet covers on, etc. In other words, “ready to move in”. Once that is done then you can have an appraisal completed. Then your new lender will accept it.