Question for fellow brokers...

Has anyone had a real positive experience as far as fees and turn around time on a stated commercial deal? If so, could you please share who it was through? I do not do a lot of commercial, but I have a referral from a good friend and I would like to get it done fast for him. I guess another broker has been dragging it out for 6 months. I feel bad for him. The property is in Ohio. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!

What type (size) of project is it?

Its a restaurant/brewery, purchase price 650k.

Most of my stated commercial loans take around 30 - 45 days and the fees are outlined in the LOI from the lender.

Why is the other broker dragging it out? It should be a straight deal. Does the borrower have all the info on the property together?

Patti Porter