Question for austin TX investors in a REI club


I am new to investing and looking to join one of the Austin area REIC’s. Does anybody have experience with or a preference for either of the two clubs in Austin:

The Real Estate Investment Club of Austin (REICAUSTIN) or

Real Estate Networking Club Austin (RENC Austin)?

Joining both is not an option as I work during the hours they meet and will need to take vacation to attend each months meeting. So you can see why I want to join the group I will get the most out of.

My objectives in joining are: Learning from locals about what works locally, finding a mentor, building a network and being helped out and supported as needed.

Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!

Hello I have the same question and expect somebody answers it. Thanks in advance. Nick Brian.

I am a new investor in Austin TX. Any response from the GURU’s will be appreciated regarding the same questions.