Question about tracking down owners

I have a list of SFRs which are free and clear and they’re being actioned off on Aug 20 at the tax deed auction - it looks like an opportunity for an investor to make alot of money … making an offer of 40% or lower before the auction.

Problem is … I have the owners’ name AND their addresses, but how do I get their phone number when they’re not listed on

I guess I have to get off my lazy butt and drive to LA(from San Diego) and knock on their door. There, I answered my own question. If any of you have an easier way, preferrably one that won’t get me shot, please let me know - I’ll have to cross the one in Inglewood off my list

I appreciate your response,


Try a skiptracing company or looking up at the PACER website to see if there are any cases against the people who own the property.

Ok, I’ll try that. thanks for the tip. looks ok too, but it’s kind of of expensive if you’re doing alot of them. I wish they had subscription service


In many cases Anywho or Zabasearch would help. It helped me because in Zabasearch you could find a person’s age and if you will try Intellius after all, you could narrow your search very much.

its FREE!!! INtellius charges